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A Bird that I captured images of on State Beach Ventura, California. A Willet or I can call them what my boys called them, "Wave runners". They would run back and forth with the waves and probing the sand for a meal like the bottom image. willet 004 Ojai

An image in the early autumn woods on my brothers property north of Johnson City. I like the simple peaceful beauty of this shoot. I remember that it was a very nice temperate day, silent with just the hint of a slight breeze. No birds singing, no automobile sounds, no plane, "No nothing!" I could hear my self think almost, so to me it was a very enjoyable day for a hike even with out finding birds that I love so much to take images of. "Honesty" better to fail with honor than succeed by fraud. (Sophocles)

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Hope you all had an enjoyable and Merry Christmas this past holiday. I’ve been a little under the weather these recent days unfortunately but still able to  taking  a few pictures. hope to get back into my old routine soon. Today a thought I would share some local homes in my area and there simple …

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A Lesser Goldfinch from Ojai, California. I only saw this bird one the inter time that I was in California wall on a hike in the mountains. It's very similar to the Goldfinches we have on the east coast other than missing the real bright yellow coloration. I Glad that I can say that I saw one.

Canada Geese getting use to walking on ice on the Susquehanna River in Binghamton. Most of them seem to have it down pat except for this one that kept slipping. This image is from this past Thursday the 19th of December and was my oldest sons 14th Birthday. (Canada Geese #51)  

A Downy Woodpecker in the back woods behind my home. These woodpeckers are here all year long and they will visit your feeders frequently in the winter months. A beautiful bird with a very distinctive sounding voices.