Monthly Archives: June 2014

A sunset image that I came away with from this past weekend up to Alexandria Bay area of New York State. This is the Keewaydin State Park Marina that's on the American side of the St. Laurence Seaway just two miles south of Alexandria Bay. Me, my son M-C and his cozened Pat spent Friday and some of Saturday enjoying the surrounding area from this location. Going up and down the seaway on my 18ft Charger Bass Boat. The weather did quorate fully and we had a great time. We spent more time site seeing then fishing on the water. The park it's self seamed small to me but the place was truly beautiful and offered a great deal to enjoy. I'll make a post about it latter on.

On Fathers Day we had an unexpected treat! My oldest son M-C saw these two jet trails in the sky as we were preparing to go to a family function. They were in close proximity to one an other as one was trailing the other. . Turns out to be two B-2 Bombers going westwards. Never seen one before and I wished I picked up the camera earlier. Jet 038 Jet 037 This is more of a close up from the top image.

A group of Dragonflies from my area of New York State. I don't think this is all of them but it is the more numerous ones hear. This one on top I believe is a Twelve-spot Skimmer Dragonfly. dragonfly 001 ? dragonfly 024 A Brown-spotted Yellow-wing. dragonfly 004 Widow. dragonfly 015 A White Tail. dragonfly 016 A Green Darner dragonfly 028 A Red Skimmer. dragonfly 27 A Half-banded Toper.