These are the eyes of a true friend! The eyes of an older german shepherd that belongs to my parents,"Rufus". When I visit them he will follow me on my journeys or take part in my activities. He came read my emotions and respond to them.  He's gentle at heart and playful in spirit. My compadre on long hikes. rufus01 On one of our journeys, alway watching over me.

Besides photography, fishing is one of my passions. I love going fishing, enjoying the outdoors experience with family members and friends. On this particular outing I took my 12-year-old son and my brother-in-law (Adi) to the Genesee River in Rochester NY. Well, as you see he caught his first salmon. A behemoth for his size, a 37 pound Female Chinook Salmon that we kept. We keep what we will use but, most of the time it is "catch and release". He enjoyed the outcome of his 18 to 20 minutes experience of muscling it in instead of working it in. He was done after this catching this fish, it physically wiped him out! September 2012

My first son Michael-Cornelius and my wife Maria in 2000. He’s about 3 months old in this shoot, not what I think he was looking for when he asked me to put him on my blog.  I always loved this photo anyway!