First big catch


Besides photography, fishing is one of my passions. I love going fishing, enjoying the outdoors experience with family members and friends. On this particular outing I took my 12-year-old son and my brother-in-law (Adi) to the Genesee River in Rochester NY. Well, as you see he caught his first salmon. A behemoth for his size, a 37 pound Female Chinook Salmon that we kept. We keep what we will use but, most of the time it is “catch and release”. He enjoyed the outcome of his 18 to 20 minutes experience of muscling it in instead of working it in. He was done after this catching this fish, it physically wiped him out!

September 2012

  1. Harmony said:

    Je comprends la dure lutte.Le poisson est très grand.Belle prise.Bravo au pêcheur. 😉

  2. chatou11 said:

    Wow, what a catch, I am very impressed. I bet your young boy was very proud.

  3. Fantastic! A very memorable experience for your son. I have a hunch the fish was delicious!

    • talain45 said:

      My son loved the experience of the catch. I was very proud of his catch. The fish did end up going in the freezer and It approximately made 8 meals for my family. WE have not sampled him yet.

  4. justmusing said:


  5. Very impressive, my husband and I love to fish too.

  6. kalabalu said:

    It is a proud moment, son looks good and catch is better and two together in a picture is best for the parents 🙂

  7. Lyn said:

    What an awesome fish! Well done to your son in catching it. The biggest fish I ever caught was a 6 inch Flathead while surf fishing 😦

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