Monthly Archives: July 2019

A piebald version of a White tail-deer I say back in early May running through a near by neighborhood close to me. Its not an albino deer, the eyes are dark in color and not fully white. I think that it is a young male deer maybe from last years birthing s. The image of him I took  is OK, I'm not very good at taking images in the dusk light on the fly but ad-least you can see what this particular deer looks like. I have seen him on other occasions sense I took these picture but I have not gotten as close as I did on the first time. I never know things like this existed in my area. I almost forgot about these images as well. (Pie meaning magpie mixed up and bald meaning white spot) I found out that you can not hunt it in New York State but  I'm not sure about the other US states. Nature is truly magnificent!