Monthly Archives: September 2013

On the week of October 7th, my family is traveling out to the Ojai Valley area of California for a week. My wife Maria is partaking in seminars all week long, leaving me and my three boys to explore the local area. I'm asking if anybody is familiar with the area and has any advice for entertainment. I'm looking for hiking and nature trails, historic land marks and any place that you would think boys  10, 13 and, 14 years of age might be interested in. Also any potential hazards that an east coast person would not be aware of. Thank you for your help, Michael.

Red Admiral Butterfly seen in early May in Broome County, NY. It's been an enjoyable first full year for Talainsphotographyblog, learning and understanding my equipment, the adventures I've gone on and interacting with my fellow bloggers. This was my first post a year ago yesterday. It initially received seven likes for this post from thisworldthrumyeyes, mydailey, michael121999, Patrick Latter, Rebecca2000, MF-Fine Art Photography and, Photographer Ravi. I remember taking the image at my brothers home at a family gathering. This year I have not seen any of these lovely butterflies.