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This is Scott Yoak P-51 Mustang "Quick Silver" that made an appearance at the 2014 Rochester Kwik Fill Airshow this past month. Hope you enjoy the 8 images that I'm sharing and the description of Quick Silver from the official Rochester Kwik Fill Airshow site. R.A.S. 022 P-51 R.A.S. 024 P-51 R.A.S. 025 P-51 R.A.S. 026 P-51 R.A.S. 023 P-51 R.A.S. 027 P-51 R.A.S. 028 P-51

Scott Yoak, P-51 Quick Silver
This P-51 is a celebration of our nations' armed forces. Every aspect of the paint represents those who have served, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. The black cape covering the front of the aircraft represents the veil of protection that our armed forces give us. That veil is one of the reasons why we have what we have today, freedom. As the cape extends to the back of the canopy, it spreads out and divides into feathers, symbolizing the eagle that has flown with every aviator since the birth of aviation in 1903. The black paint has tiny sparkling stars in it, each sparkle represents an American Veteran that served our great country; the unsung stars in our lives. These veterans are the glimmering star in a mother’s eye, a wife or husband’s heart, a son or daughter’s hope for the future. The silver ring behind the spinner represents the shinning halo of the guardian angel who guides service personnel, having given the ultimate sacrifice, to their final resting place. The black and white stripes on the wings are there, as they were on all allied aircraft on D-day. The stars and bars, proudly displayed, represent the armed forces symbol that all United States fighter planes carry. It carries the post war version because “Quick Silver” was never a part of a unit till after World War 2. All of the bare metal of this P-51 Mustang is polished. Look closely into the metal, you can see for whom our veterans fought. Bill Yoak, an individual with a love and passion for this type aircraft did all of the metal work. The re-manufactured parts are handmade. Unlike the hurried war effort parts, these are made with the skill and care of a master craftsman, and obtain the utmost attention to detail necessary to restore this Mustang to a condition better than factory new in 1945. As this silver bird quickly streaks across the sky, let us not forget those who served, sacrificed, and gave their all.

A Female House Wren that was up to the family farm letting me know that I was too close to the bird house that I put up and that it was using. House Wren 009 Six chicks in it's third brood this year.

I thought that I would put in another sunset image over water tonight because people seamed to like yesterday's. This one was taken in June of this year on the shores of Keewaydin State Park in the Alexandria Bay area of NY on our stay there.

A Lake Ontario Sunset. On Monday, me and my boys went out on to lake Ontario for some Salmon Fishing off shore about a mile and a half in around 70 to 80 feet of water. Most of the larger fishing boats were farther out this day as you can see in the distance in this image. The boys were a little scared being so far out in the lake so we did not go any further. The water was calm enough for the adventure on our little bass boat and the attempt to fish that day. We did not catch any fish on this outing but managed to get some really nice sunset images before we came in.