Monthly Archives: March 2014

A F-14 Super Tomcat on the deck of the USS Intrepid Museum moored along the west side of Manhattan New York. I didn't present this particular images with the original post I made back in December with some 30 images that were taken of the USS Intrepid Aircraft Carrier and Space Museum. It's static display aircraft and all, I had overlooked this one some how. Hope you enjoy the image of one of my favorite military plane.  

An American Robin, these images are from the family farm property last April 4th. The robins have some of they're best coloration this time of year I think. You can see more of that white haziness separation between the breast plate feather that give them an outline appearance. Hopefully then images will let you see it. robin015 robin019 robin017

Waves crashing on the rocks on State Beach Ventura California. I wish I had something poetic to go with this. THE RESTLESS HEART OF THE SEA by Debb Stanton My soul, my heart, my life is beautiful Like the sun sparkling on the sea as happy, dancing diamonds Then the surf crashes against the huge black crater and my reassurance disappears Just like you did long ago you left without saying a word you were rock solid in deciding to end us so much so that you didn’t even tell me my cries and letters and calls to you couldn’t wear you (the rock) down it’s funny how the sun was out and making everything look good except for my life without you you were very restless Now I am very restless searching for the answers The watery waves of my heart pound time and time again is relief really nowhere in sight? I want the music of the sea back the gentle tones that calm me and lead me home home to my heart where I will never leave me I will never change my position on me I will not hate and desert myself like you did In fact, now I see the black crater as better it gets very slowly worn away by all the crashing water but remains strong and solid that’s how I will now be Restless no longer I look forward to growth so I can once again frolic like the waves and enjoy the sounds and the seagulls The sea has no room for pity but it does take pity on restless hearts and knows how to help them