St. Cyril's on Clinton Street on Binghamton's West side.  churches011 St. Michaels, also on Clinton Street. Always loved the name, no, I mean the tile work above the main entrance. It's closer to the side of town that I grew up on. churches012 churches013 St. James, on Main Street in Johnson City east. This is the church I grew up in as a child. Most of my modern beliefs are derived from this experience, though I don't identify with the Catholic ideology exclusively. churches014    churches015    churches016  

My Sister-in-law once asked me if I could do some posts of local churches. This is not quite my forte, structures and all, so bear with me.  Anyway, this is for Kelly. Just click on the images to make them larger. This is part 1 to most likely a 4-part series and is only a small percentage of the churches, mosques, and synagogues in the Triple Cities area.   The first church is St. John's (Catholic) on Binghamton's South Side on Vestal Av.  churches002 churches003 The next church is St. Patrick's on Laurel Av. in Binghamton. churches004 churches005 churches006 Christ's Episcopal Church in Downtown Binghamton on the corner of  Henry St. and Water St. churches007 churches008 churches009    

A Thousand Acres of Silphiums

Hi everyone.  It’s an absolute gorgeous Saturday here in the northern Ozarks.  I hope the weather is to your liking wherever you are reading this.

This post is dedicated to my grandmother, Genny, who is currently recovering from a health crisis.  Sarah and I are so glad you are getting better and we wish you all the best in a speedy recovery.

Today’s post is a result of one of the magical times I spent recently at Ellis Island at Riverlands.  During an evening hike I noticed I was in the middle of a huge mayfly hatch.  There seemed to mayflys in the millions.  This rang the dinner bell for migrating passerines for miles around the confluence!  This was definitely one of the coolest bird experiences ever for me.  The bird pictured below, a Yellow Warbler, was one of near 50 of this species I came across.  Also in huge…

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