Monthly Archives: September 2016

260 A Beautiful yellow -orange rose that a relative of mine had growing in her yard. She only had a couple of flowers on the bush that were just as magnificent as this one. She did not remember the name or where she got it from, unfortunately. After seeing this lovely rose, I'm looking forward to my annual salmon fishing trip to Rochester, NY, in the next month. I'll also be visiting the Maple Wood Rose Garden that is in the area and I will hopefully take more beautiful pictures of  their huge selection and variety of lovely roses that they have on display.

A Yellow -billed Cuckoo from a 2013 outing at the farm property. Once in a great moment in time I'll see one of these interesting birds. Maybe one or two times a year I see one. I saw one this summer down in Rhinebeck NY in the Hudson Valley area. yellow-billed-cuckoo-004

A sunset picture that I took in April of 2014. It's taken on East Maine Rd in the Village of Maine near the Broome County Airport. It shows you a good look at the rolling hill underneath the Finger Lakes of New York State.