Trains, planes, and automobiles

An old Model B farm tractor that is sitting on the top of the hill at the family farm property. She has been sitting up there as long as I can remember, some 40 plus year at least. In the past I have posted some different images of her in winterish type setting with snow and all but this is a first with the fall. In the grand scheme of things My father still has bream of pulling her down off the hill to work on her, getting her up and running some day or at least to take a good look at her to see if it's even possible.

This is one of those neat images that I came away with this past summer up in the Thousand Island Region of New York State. These two boats look like they were heading right at each other but in fact they were in no real danger of hitting each other. They did pass close enough for the little sale boat to have some good chop to go through, ruff water. The large boat was a thing of beauty and probably had one hell of a pries tag connected to it. That's the same one on the bottom as well. \Boats 02

Well, this shoot should look familiar. It's the header that I've bean using for the last couple months on my main page. This group of aircraft if you don't know are the United State Air Force's Flight Demonstration Team called The Thunderbirds. They were the main attraction at the Rochester Airshow last year. I aridgenaly thought that I would brake this post up into two seporit one but I changed my mind at the last minute. I hope you enjoy all 30 of these images of the USAF F-16 Thunderbirds as they preform and fly over the flit line at Rochester Airport, NY. R.A.S. 201 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 202 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 203 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 208 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 206 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 207 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 209 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 211 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 212 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 214 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 215 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 219 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 220 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 221 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 222 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 223 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 224 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 227 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 232 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 235 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 236 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 237 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 238 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 241 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 242 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 243 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 245 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 233 ThunderbirdsR.A.S. 246 Thunderbirds I really enjoy going to airshows, maybe I'll find some to go to this year.  

The plane with the big teeth at the Rochester Airshow this year. "I loved this one", the colors and the art work on the front nose. The pilot gave a nice performance with the aircraft at the airshow and about the right time. The sun had just started coming out in patchy spots. As in previous post there is more of a description of the aircraft at the end of this post from the Rochester Airshow site. Hope you enjoy some of the shots I took of this lovely aircraft  :) R.A.S. 031 star R.A.S. 032 star R.A.S. 034 star R.A.S. 036 star R.A.S. 037 star

Jet Aircraft Museum Mako Shark
The T-33 is one of the most successful jet trainers of all time. When Canada decided to move to jet trainers Lockheed won the competition and Canadair awarded the contract to build the aircraft under license. The RCAF gave the T-33 the name Silver Star in honour of the first Canadian airplane, the Silver Dart As with other aircraft Canadair built under license, there was extensive redeisgn work and new technologies to master. Canada chose the more powerful Rolls Royce Nene engine, which required extensive redesign work. The manufacturing technique for the aircraft was also new to Canadair, as the aircraft was literally split in half and then joined after the engine was installed. The Silver Star began appearing in squadrons and schools in large numbers in 1953. Among operational RCAF squadrons, both Regular and Auxiliary, as well as some Royal Canadian Navy squadrons, the T-33 was used as a trainer and utility aircraft. Perhaps the best-known use of the T-Bird was the Red Knight - the RCAF's official solo aerobatics act. RCN had their own solo display under the name Red Herring in an apparent parody of the RCAF. In the NATO Air Training Plan, which ran from 1950 to 1958, Canadian and NATO pilots received their advanced flying training on the T-33. The T-33 continued in the training role until 20 June 1974. Thereafter, the Silver Star was used as a utility aircraft, towing target drogues for surface to air gunnery for the army and navy, and simulating enemy aircraft for combat training and when equipped with special electronic pods it could simulate an anti-shipping missile. The last T-33 retired on 31 March 2005 having been used by the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment at 4 Wing Cold Lake as an ejection seat test bed. Canadair built 656 Silver Stars for the RCAF between 1952 and 1959. Some also appeared in NATO air forces, as aircraft surplus to the RCAF were transferred to France, Greece, Portugal and Turkey under NATO Mutual Assistance in the late 1950s. The fact that the aircraft served for 54 years speaks to the excellence of its design and the quality of its construction and maintenance.

I'm taking another trip but not in a plan. This South West Jet was taking of in between performances at the Rochester Airshow back in August. That's the only thing in common with my trip tomorrow, Rochester. I'm going Salmon Fishing with my oldest son and some friends in Rochester Today. It's almost 2am now and I have too hit the road by 2:45am to get this trip started. I have not bean able to get any sleep but I'm hopping some of the others are willing to drive at least half of the 3+ hour journey. Hope to ketch some monsters. Anyway I thought that this was a neat shoot. Enjoy your day, Michael :)

On Fathers Day we had an unexpected treat! My oldest son M-C saw these two jet trails in the sky as we were preparing to go to a family function. They were in close proximity to one an other as one was trailing the other. . Turns out to be two B-2 Bombers going westwards. Never seen one before and I wished I picked up the camera earlier. Jet 038 Jet 037 This is more of a close up from the top image.