29 No idea to what the flower is even though we planted it in our front yard flower garden. I just love the colors in this image and the way the flower presents it's self emerging from the shadows from a larger plant.

126 A flower I ran across on one of our walks in our area last week. It is similar to a Brown-Eyed Susan but I'm not sure to what it is. They are beautiful though.

Today's post is of these lovely roses I took pictures of about a year ago. They are from the Maplewood Rose Garden in Rochester New York. I had originally intended last March in making a post that would dedicate Rose images to individuals but then sort of strayed away from that and have revisited this post in another form. I just want to say thank you to all my lovely followers, new and old, you are all as beautiful as these flowers are. Thank you so much, I love you all, MT

5 A Honey Bee enjoying the first nectar of spring last year. That was March 16th of last. Not like this spring but we are close after the snow melts away. The Bee is on a Crocus Flower that come up in our yard every spring since we've bean here. They started this spring but they've bean under 3 feet of snow since last week but it is melting off. Well, enjoy these shots from last year blooms. 71110