157 These are most of the Lilly's flowers that we had come up in our yard this year. Maria loves the fragrance of them and I just enjoy the colors and that they bring the butterflies. The Lilly image 173 really bring the butterflies in! Hope you enjoy the images as much as we loved the flowers, MT. 17315098991001029610410515416017417694

182 Just some pictures of Zenia that bloomed in the yard this year. We had quit a verity of them and they have lasted from early August till now and probably for a few more weeks from now as well. We have all different colors and shapes that came out but unfortunately this post dose not show off them all,  sorry. I personally liked the ones that had streaks of color like paint spots in the first image. They came in yellow, pink and orange as a base color as well. I also through in a Monarch Butterfly as well on one, enjoy :) 18518718387166

90 A lovely image of a yellow wild flower that I found in the back field. I could not find it in any of my book and I have no clue to what family of plant it is in. The flower is similar to a butter-cup but it is not. It is sorta vine'y, up to 3 feet tall and has a lot of long branching stems. I thought with the five heart shaped peddles it would have bean ease to find. Hope you enjoy it any way, MT