Monthly Archives: November 2016

For this post, I pulled a few pictures from the family album together to go along with a John Muir quote I found. On this family summer outing in 2012, We had the opportunity to let the boy ride on some horses. At first I think all three of them (the Boys) were a little nervous about it but my oldest two bit the bullet and gave it a whirl. img_1321img_1335 Well, they both had fun and eventually latter in the year my youngest finally tried it as well. Let fear not rule the path before us. "But little we know until tried how much of the uncontrollable is in us..." ~ John Muir

today's first post is a guest post from my neighbor Scott and his attached statement. He definitely took a beautiful picture from a place I visit occasionally.

Hello Mike,

Attached is my photo of a rainbow at the confluence of the Chenango & Susquehanna Rivers.

The photo was taken (with my simple point-and-shoot camera) on my walk to work on 10/24/16.  The attached photo is actually two photos that have been stitched together, but no other edits or enhancements were made.  Along with the colors of the leaves, it was quite a nice blessing for the start of that day!

All the best & Happy Thanksgiving to you & the family!