Your guess is as good as mine

Another round of snow last night here. It was supposed too miss us here for the most part and stay east of us. It didn't stay away! The 2 to 4 inches that they were calling for turned in to 8 to 10 inches. The volume of the snow was not the problem, it was the type of wet and heavy snow that was. It mad the road conditions very horrible yesterday, the worst I've seen it all winter long here. Two day in a row that I've had to report to work early to help with snow removal, I'd rather stay home instead of going! I'll have to say though, it has been beautiful this year with the snow sticking around for a while. Its usial quit brown with patches of white every now and then. Well, enjoy your day and take care, Michael :)

These images I took today along the Susquehanna River in Westover, Johnson City west side. We’ve had a mixture of snow and rain the past couple of weeks in are area and up stream. The river was higher two days ago and the temperature had dipped into the teens leaving some of the ice formation higher in the tree limbs and such, hanging out of the water as the levels have dropped.

While out there taking pictures sometimes you stumble across things that make you think. I came across this seal in the cement on a curb drain. Never really noticed it before, and I go that way a lot. This one tells me to be conscious of my environment and the respect of nature.