Landscapes and sunsets

Riverside Drive Bridge that crosses the Chenango River. Down Town Binghamton would be to the left of this image. I'd rather show you  the  images with the water in them than actual Down Town. Binghamton 015 Your standing on the Washington St. Bridge looking up stream of the Susquehanna River. Binghamton 018 Confluence Park area. Binghamton 003 Binghamton and the Washington Street Bridge that crosses over the Susquehanna River. Binghamton 027 Civil War Monument near the north side of the Washington Street Brides. Binghamton 029 Vestal Ave by the location of the old MacArthur Elementary School Binghamton's south side.

Images of the snow we got back in November at the family farm property. The first image is from the top of the north hill. To the left of this images is a small down hill slopping field that is probably 5 or 6 acores in size that turns into woodlands on the bottom side. Most of the snow we got here this winter amounted to what you see in these images, not much. Maybe 4 to 5 inches at most. Today storm has dropped about 14 inches so far and is not expected to stop for another few hours. I bet the boys can't wait to go to the farm now for slay riding. landscape53 Image of the south hill. The boys favorite place to go slay riding, tobogganing and tubing. The truck on the top of the hill is my parents. landscape54   IMG_1629 My oldest son Michael-C on the right giving sown boarding a try. along with my refuel Patrick. They don't make it for far on any of they're try's this day with out falling down after twenty feet or a little more. They had fun though. IMG_1622