Monthly Archives: April 2016

This post is for my youngest son Daniel. He loves Honey Bees and is thinking of becoming a beekeeper some day when he's older. He had a rough day yesterday in general but things are OK. This is a picture from this past week in the backyard of a Honey Bee gathering nectar from a Dandelion plant. Bees & All 015

A picture of some of Maria's purple Hyacinths that are by our front door. Maria is also the actual person how took this lovely shoot  of them with my camera today. Mine were a little out of focus for me to use  and she did a great job of capturing there beauty. "There are many events in the womb of time which will be delivered".      ~  Iago

A Male White-throated Sparrow that has been hanging around in the back yard recently. I was really happy to come away this this wonderful shot of him. I have been struggling of late with coming up with great shoot of my feathered friends this year so far.