Another new bird for me, this one is from Colorado. A Male Broad-tailed Hummingbird I stumbled across at the Denver Botanic Garden. It is very similar to our eastern Ruby-throated Hummingbird. The only major difference is that the Broad-tail has a pink breast plate and the ruby-throat  has a red one.

I've bean at this for seven years now taking pictures of the birds and I'm still getting a new one every now and then. Today's new bird is a Fox Sparrow. It was hanging around the bird feeders at the  family farm two weekends ago. I don't see them to much around here. A little bit bigger than the frequently seen House Sparrow and more brownish and white in color. It was nice to see one of the larger sparrows for once, if not something different to say.

1 Not one of my favorite bird, this Brown-headed Cowbird lays it's eggs in other birds nest. It's chick will hatch and kick the host birds hatch-lings out of the nest to be the only chick left for the adopted parent birds to feed. The song birds are hit very hard in my area by them maybe except the American Robin. It seems to know how to deal this the cowbird.