3 A Barred Owl I think! My first owl as well too! I have been traveling around the last few weeks when I found this chap along side the road on the guardrail off  of rout 9 in Massachusetts between Goshen and Northamton. I'm also not sure if it is an adult bird or a Juvenal one. It did allow me to get with in about 10 feet of it before it flew off and land a short distance away. I fallowed him through the wood for a few of these short jumps it made before he finally had a enough of me and disappearing in the thickening woods without landing. 1

7 A Male Eastern Bluebird looking for flying bugs. I'm not sure what he was going after but he would leave the tree, ketch one and return to the branches again waiting for another one. Over and over again until I gave up taking pictures of him.