Monthly Archives: July 2016

A wild flower that grows in my area that resembles the Western Checkermallow Flowering Plant that has a pink blossom and not like this flower that has a light purple coloration to it. Flower 145

A Juvenile Bald Eagle that I saw in Vestal while kayaking on the Susquehanna River being pestered by a Red-winged Blackbird last month. The little blackbird kept diving  and pestering the eagle until it finally besides to moved on up the river. Bald Eagle 029Bald Eagle 030 Images 32, 29 & 30.  

A wild flower that was growing along the road side near my home. I have seen red ones and yellow ones in the pasted. I know its a weed but I'll wait for New Hampshire Gardens Solutions to identify this flowering weed for me. They have been very helpful in the past with leaving comments on my site from time to time. Many thanks, MT.

A Lady Bug I found in the back yard a couple weeks ago. I spend a large amount of my time when I'm going out  to find and take pictures of birds and the passing butterflies.  Occasionally I do look down and find some of natures little gems like this Lady Bug and other insects. This picture came out good enough that I wanted to share it with you all today. This post is also a note to myself  to look down more often and find other neat little creatures and things that might be around me to share with you all from my area. Hope you enjoy, MT.