Monthly Archives: December 2014

" "Dreams have only one owner, at a time. That's why dreamers are lonely." An image of a July 31st sunset in Binghamton NY. I'm looking from State Hospital Hill toads Glenwood Hill and Ely Park Golf Course.

This is another Sunset image taken on September 1st of this year of kayakers coming in from there adventure of the day on Cayuga Lake NY. It was a nice peaceful day for it. I, myself was boating with my family pulling the boys around on a water tub or as they say they were just tubing. We were just coming in our selves when I took this shoot near Taughannock Falls SP that day.

A dryad Thistle of fall. I just liked the colors of this image to bring to you today. Nothing to spectacular but cool. I've had some trouble getting on my site the last couple of days, I thought that it did not like me any more or something.

A male Red-bellied Woodpecker that was at the little Choconut site 2 area this past spring. This was one of those No-no shoots that came out kind'a cool were the subject is between you and the sun. I always like to have the sun on my back and the subject in front of me. The colors come out more clearly.