A image of a sunset that I took with my I-phone last October near the family farm property.

11 An American Robin that was watching over my garden last summer intently perch on the fence.  He kept-ed his family feed that was nestled in a nearby tree with all of his catches in the garden.

69 Some Yellow and Orange Tulips and also a small group of Grape Hyacinth that came up in our yard last year in the top image. The bottom image is full of some blueish Pansy's.  In a few weeks I hope to see them pocking through the ground once more. I posted this today for a reminder to myself perhaps of things to come on this cold rainy day here in Central New York State. Well, Hope they brighten your day as well :) 89

A sculpture of two Great Blue heron working on there nest site during breeding season. The sculpture is at the visitors center on the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge near Seneca Falls NY. I thought it was kind-a neat.