This is a picture of a May 17th kayaking adventure down the Susquehanna River last year. One of the more lengthy adventures we had in the earlier days as beginners. We lunched out in Johnson City and ended up pulling out on the other side of Endicott New York, about a 9 mile trip. Eventually we ended up going further as the summer progressed on. In this image we were approaching the Rt. 26 bridge that connects Vestal to Endicott. I wanted to share this one today because I loved the watery reflection in this picture and the soft blues coloration.  

This is a May 3rd sunset shot taken at MacArthur Park in Binghamton New York last year. I think that I was originally going to use this shot as a header for the blog I'm thinking because the way I cropped it. I'm still running with that Thunderbird's Header that I like so much! I also wanted to share with you that I'm in the phrases of deleting my "Landscape and Sunset" category and replacing it with three separate categories. Landscape, Sunsets and Night shots. It as a suggestion from a couple of my blogging friends to do. I have one friend that just loves my sunset shots and thinks that it would be a better layout for me with out intermixing types of shots. Anyway, hope you like this early offering today.

A couple images of White Herons or in other parts of the country they call them White Egrets. We get a small hand full of them that will hang out in the Susquehanna River for a short time in the months of August and September. I took these two picture near Johnson City NY of this particular one flying up the river while I was kayaking in late August.  Image #4 is as close to one as I have ever bean, very skidish birds and hard to get close to in my experience. White Heron 04


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