Monthly Archives: November 2013

flowers338 A Dahlia Flower from  a plant I grew in our back yard.  I cannot remember if I watered this plant before or I took this image after it rained. It does not appear that the surrounding vegetation has water droplets on it though. flowers181 An image of Maria modeling  another Dahlia flower from our back yard.

grass 02 Grasses swaying in the wind at the Low Maple Farm Orchard. These two images are from mine and Maria's apple picking adventure last month. It was such a beautiful day for it, blue skies with white puffy clouds. The temperatures were in the high 70's to maybe 80's not like today here in the high 30's/ low 40's degrees mark. Still feeling the storm that hit us the last couple of days. Sorry, no images of the light snow  we got here. I've been taking mostly family picture the last few days but I will share these sunset images from Cortland NY with you from yesterday where we spent Thanksgiving at my sister's family home. sun set 016 Sunset just south of Cortland NY off of Rout 11. sun set 017 The snow in Cortland was about 5 to 6 inches deep, not like us in Binghamton at 2 inches maybe. This is Nicholas my middle son resting from all of the outdoors activities that he engaged in with his brothers and cousins. They all had fun playing in the snow!

Today, I thought I'd share 2 of the 3 images I have of wild Turkeys. Definitely the best of the 3 though not my usual close-ups - These guys are hard to get for me. They always know I'm there before I even see them and by the time that happens this is what I see, them running away. These images are from the back field at the family farm as the turkey is jumping the fence line to the next clearing beyond the tree line.. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from my family. May you by thankful for all of the blessing in your life that you have. turkey03

Thistle Flower head, I let it grow in a few areas up to the farm. In early Fall and into mid winter the birds that remain here seem to like feeding on its seeds .It has a lovely puffy purple flower that the bees enjoy in the summer. This plant kind of reminds me of the Burdocks plant that grows here to.

A Turkey Vulture that was flying over the family farm in Broome County, NY. This is one of the largest birds that we have in my area. Bigger then a chicken with an 8 foot wingspan or more it is easily identified.  Its quit an impressive bird that floats effortless in our skies. turkey vulture 015 A group of buzzards that was roosting in the trees on the northeastern side of Butterfield Lake in Redwood, NY. Usually when we see them, they are in groups of 6 to 9 birds  in the Binghamton area. Up here in Redwood one late morning we saw 63 of them soaring with a thermal over the lake. Makes me think of all those old Clint Eastwood and John Wayne western movies that I used to watch.

This Black-throated Green Warbler was moving around with a group of Chickadees in the creek bed that flows into the Little Choconut site 2 watershed. He was bouncing around, never sitting still looking for morsels to eat. I don't get to see these warblers to often around here so I'm guessing that he was probably just passing through on his way south. He may even be there by now. A lovely Bird! black-throated green warbler 007