Monthly Archives: March 2013

These six images were taken between Cortland off of route 90 and Long Point State Park on Cayuga Lake. We passed trough Locke, Genoa and Aurora, very nice little communities.

The day I took this image on the Johnson City side of the river looking to the Vestal side, there were three eagles in the area. One was perched in a tree on the other side and the one in this image was being followed by a juvenile eagle which hadn't got its white head and tail yet. There aren't too may pairs in this general area. I believe there are 3 pairs that nest in the area from Endicott to Chenango Bridge.

     IMG_4493_1     IMG_4495 I found this WW2 German Pak 40 in Seneca Falls off the main drag. It was the standard equipment used by the Germans in its anti-tank units in World War Two. Usually I see American equipment in front of monuments and Legions buildings for VFW's.This was a neat find, I must have built 6 or 7 models of this in the past. I enjoy 1/35th scale military modeling of the World War Two era.