A Pak-40 7,5 cm anti-tank cannon

IMG_4491_1     IMG_4493_1     IMG_4495

I found this WW2 German Pak 40 in Seneca Falls off the main drag. It was the standard equipment used by the Germans in its anti-tank units in World War Two. Usually I see American equipment in front of monuments and Legions buildings for VFW’s.This was a neat find, I must have built 6 or 7 models of this in the past. I enjoy 1/35th scale military modeling of the World War Two era.

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  1. Ed said:

    Cool shots, the Tamayia model was my fave as a kid because it came with the gun crew. I researched at the public library for the exact colour and badges for the uniforms before I did the crew….life was a blast in high school..;-)

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