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Well sorry, yesterday I did not post anything. I was on a 30 day posting straight streek that I blew, oh well. Yesterday at 5 am in the morning we were trying to dig out of the record snow fall that we had here in Binghamton, New York. We had a Northeastern pass through that left 42 inches after it was all said and done, breaking a three-year old record of 35 inches in a single event. M-C and I were trying to go to work as part of our school's snow removal team. We never made it in. We got as far as the proverbial doorstep and had to turn around. A trip that normally takes us 12 to 15 minutes one-way took us a little over an hour. I have never seen it this bad here. The road crews were only concentrating on the main routes and highways as they should. The snow was still coming down and they were having a hard time keeping up with it. Secondary roads were untouched at this point. There were stranded cars all over the place, some blocking intersections and some on off & on ramps. I was nervous as I was going out with my four-wheel drive truck and these people were out there with two-wheel drive vehicles. Brave, but in the end result, foolish. We all were foolish.

My little F-150

Nicholas's F-250

Michael-Cornelius's Mercury

Michael-Cornelius digging out his car.
Maria helping clean out the vehicles and sidewalk.

The last two days we have bean getting hit really good with a major storm system in Central New York State. We have gotten 30 plus inches over the last two days and we broke a snow fall record in a 24 hour period of time. I wanted to add a few more images but I'm having issues downloading them to the blog. Getting HTTP error code. The pictures are not coming from my normal art file, but from another folder and the images are larger. The picture I'm posting is of my truck that has a lift kit on it and sits quite high. My shoulders come as high as the front grill on the truck when I stand next to it. The snow on top of the truck was 28 inches deep. We have not had snow like this since early 2000 or so. The only disappointing thing to me about this event is that last week I was taking pictures of my spring flowers coming up. I'd rather have them then the snow. Anyway, hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are :)

For this post, I pulled a few pictures from the family album together to go along with a John Muir quote I found. On this family summer outing in 2012, We had the opportunity to let the boy ride on some horses. At first I think all three of them (the Boys) were a little nervous about it but my oldest two bit the bullet and gave it a whirl. img_1321img_1335 Well, they both had fun and eventually latter in the year my youngest finally tried it as well. Let fear not rule the path before us. "But little we know until tried how much of the uncontrollable is in us..." ~ John Muir

40 A Sunset image from July 2015 that I took while kayaking on the Chenango River with Maria in Binghamton next to Otsiningo Park. It was quite a wonderful outing that we still talk about occasionally on our up stream journey that day. This is one of my most favorite sunset shot that I have taken to date! I just love the colors in it. Hope you enjoy it as well :) kayaking-0099 This is a picture showing you me and my partner in crime (Maria) from another outing that was about 5 or 6 miles further down the river from the sunset image above. This picture is from June of this year on the Susquehanna River in Vestal NY. A friend of our took the picture with my camera on this lovely day for kayaking or pretty much anything. I personally think that this image makes me really look heavy and really big. A hundred of more pounds over height. I think Maria probably thinks the same about her image in this picture as I do. She is really a beautiful petite little thing in person away from that life-vest and I'm about 15 to 20lb over wight for my height. Rugged would be the word that I would use to describe myself with spelling issues. Other them that I like this image of us and I wanted to give you a rare look into my life with a picture that I normally don't show on this blog that much. Maria says that I should put some more pictures of are activities with the boys and all on hear every once and a while. We'll see :)

I have been making this arbor for our grape vines in the back yard over the last three or so weeks with the family and all. Painting, nailing, cutting and all that fun stuff.  For the most part it is all done now so I thought that I would share a couple of images of it with you all today. I'm quit happy with it so far and I have enjoyed gathering some hanging flower plants to place on it. IArbor 01

On this particular day when this photo was taken, we were at my grandparents' house, what I call the family farm property now in my posts. I guess I was left unattended for a moment and then I was gone. Created quite a stir for some time. A  search started in the immediate vicinity around the house and eventually fanned out over the 80 acre property.  I don't know for sure the period of time it took to find me but my uncle who is in this photo is the one how finally found me in the back field chasing butterflies and things of that nature. My uncle has been gone now for some 17 years now and I'm still chasing butterflies in that very field to this day. I believe my father is the photographer of the picture that caught this precious moment in time as my uncle was capturing my attention. God bless them all. "I used to draw like Raphael. It's taken my whole life to learn how to draw like a child" ~  Pablo Picasso    

These are three images of a creek that I used to hang out and play in as a young man in my teens. I remember building dams to hold back the water and make big pools of water for the fish to gather in. I would catch crabs and frogs, as well as other activities. I learned most of my birds in this timeframe as well on my adventures up the creek. Most of the time that I was up there with my dog, Smoky, and no one else. I would live out some of my imaginings on some occasions or just go for hikes and go birding. The images themselves are from last year May 27th and much has changed in the thirty plus year since my youth. The trails that I had made in the hillside are long gone and some of the terrain is hardly recognizable. The two small meadows that were there are all grown up with trees and brush in the perimeter that used to be a good place to camp or whatever. Even the stream has changed its cores to some degree. The biggest thing though is that there is a high that now parallels a portion of creek going to the airport. It is a different place now but still just as beautiful and I love the memory that it can still bring up. There is probably more that I could say about this lovely place for me but I usually struggle as a good story teller and I generally let my images do most of the talking for them selves. I can usually find a story in images just by looking at them. All I find is just give a time frame and a location to my images and then the visual story begins. Anyway, I hope your enjoying your day or what you have before ya! That you can draw from thing that give you pleasure as well. Peace and happiness to you :) Landscape 014Landscape 011

An ant walking on a orange Lilly flower in the back yard. If we perceive the world to be big and accessible, how does an ant perceive it? I'm sure we would view his world as being alien to us at first though we know that in-fact it is not. It is just our perspective of it that we normally do not focus on or pay any attention to. We always look for the big picture in things that matter to us in our lives, events or locations we visit. I love traveling and finding new things to do and take pictures of it all. I have been to Europe, seen Romania and Switzerland for a short time. I have enjoyed all of the beautiful gifts that I've witnessed on my travels there. I've been in the Canadian North East and the American West Coast and have enjoyed the adventures of the journeys to them.  But, through it all I can still find beauty and undiscovered areas in my own back yard that gives me pleasure. I take delight in sharing those images of the adventures and finds with you no matter how big or small they may be. I have enjoyed looking into the ant's world in this image and I'm looking forward to finding some more new things that have been right under my nose and maybe I will gain a whole new perspective on things in my own little world from the back yard. Oh, and the farm. LOL. I encourage you to look for a new perspective on your own little world to realize how big it really is. Take care and enjoy your evening or day, MT :)

I wanted to do this post back in late December but I was having computer troubles. These are some of the better shot that I have taken last year. You probably remember most of them, well at lest my avid followers. Hope you can enjoy all 30 images, again :) Above we have the Ruby-crowned Kinglet and bellow is a Tree Swallow. Tree Swallow 004 A White-breasted Nuthatch White-breasted Nuthatch 017 Monarch Butterfly Butterfly 069 Female Cardinal   Cardinal 046 Black-throated Green Warbler Black-throated Green Warbler 066 Sunset at the Keewaydin State Park Marina I Alexandria Bay NY Keewaydin SP 25   Mallard Ducklings Mallard Ducks 031 Easter Bluebird eastern bluebird040 Red-winged Blackbird Red-winged blackbird 050 Baby Barn Swallows Barn Swallow 003 American Robin American Robin 013 Flowers 299 Taughannock Falls, Ithaca NY Taughannock Falls 16 Osprey Osprey 022 B-25 Bomber at the Rochester Air Show R.A.S. 107 B-25 Canada Goose canada Geese 065 Dark-eyed Junco Dark-eyed Junco 009 light 003 Blue Jay bluejay031 Gray Catbird Gray Catbird 007 Sunset on the Washington Street Bridge in Binghamton NY sun set 016 Cedar Waxwing Cedar Waxwing 023 Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Butterfly 060 Flowers 446 Dragonflys 011 Flowers 345 Mallard Ducks 016 Orange Sulphur Butterfly Butterfly 071 Scarlet Tanager Scarlet Tanager 022