An image from the farm showing the Autumn colors that we had. Every thing is down now off of the trees. We have had three really good frosted at the farm but nothing down in town. we still have trees with color and others that have not started to change yet.

An image in the early autumn woods on my brothers property north of Johnson City. I like the simple peaceful beauty of this shoot. I remember that it was a very nice temperate day, silent with just the hint of a slight breeze. No birds singing, no automobile sounds, no plane, "No nothing!" I could hear my self think almost, so to me it was a very enjoyable day for a hike even with out finding birds that I love so much to take images of. "Honesty" better to fail with honor than succeed by fraud. (Sophocles)

grass 02 Grasses swaying in the wind at the Low Maple Farm Orchard. These two images are from mine and Maria's apple picking adventure last month. It was such a beautiful day for it, blue skies with white puffy clouds. The temperatures were in the high 70's to maybe 80's not like today here in the high 30's/ low 40's degrees mark. Still feeling the storm that hit us the last couple of days. Sorry, no images of the light snow  we got here. I've been taking mostly family picture the last few days but I will share these sunset images from Cortland NY with you from yesterday where we spent Thanksgiving at my sister's family home. sun set 016 Sunset just south of Cortland NY off of Rout 11. sun set 017 The snow in Cortland was about 5 to 6 inches deep, not like us in Binghamton at 2 inches maybe. This is Nicholas my middle son resting from all of the outdoors activities that he engaged in with his brothers and cousins. They all had fun playing in the snow!

A couple of weekends ago, me and my wife Maria went apple picking at Low Maple Farm on Binghamton's south side. It was a beautiful fall day, mild temperatures, sun and puffy white clouds to augment the smell of the apple orchard sweetness. falls15When you pick apple here, they give you a tractor wagon ride from the store to almost the top of the hill were the orchard is. In this image, Maria is waiting for the tractor and wagon to come back while6 she holds her 6 to 8 pounds of apples. Together we picked a little over 21 pounds for eating and apple pies. You can see that the Fall colors are still evident in this image and still quite beautiful. The next three images are of the apples in the orchard. fruit 010 fruit 011 fruit 012 PS, Happy 14 Years Anniversary Maria, well for tomorrow (November 20, 1999)