Fall colors and apples


A couple of weekends ago, me and my wife Maria went apple picking at Low Maple Farm on Binghamton’s south side. It was a beautiful fall day, mild temperatures, sun and puffy white clouds to augment the smell of the apple orchard sweetness.

falls15When you pick apple here, they give you a tractor wagon ride from the store to almost the top of the hill were the orchard is. In this image, Maria is waiting for the tractor and wagon to come back while6 she holds her 6 to 8 pounds of apples. Together we picked a little over 21 pounds for eating and apple pies. You can see that the Fall colors are still evident in this image and still quite beautiful. The next three images are of the apples in the orchard.

fruit 010

fruit 011

fruit 012

PS, Happy 14 Years Anniversary Maria, well for tomorrow (November 20, 1999)

  1. montucky said:

    Beautiful colors, and oh, those apples!

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