My best of 2013

A male Eastern Bluebird that was at the farm, there's quit a few of them up there this year it seems. I made three different feeding stations back in November up around the house and the top of the hill were there is a small island of trees and shrub bushes. I put out more houses in the early spring for them this year, maybe they will stay.

A Downy Woodpecker that was at the farm last week on one of my hikes. I like this image of him looking up from his perch on the branch. I'll have to admit that it was not the image I perceived that I had taken through the view finder this day that I ended up with. This picture was one of those moments weir when I was going back through the images that I had taken and was categorize them for placement in my folder and went WOW, it was not what I was expecting from my self. So, I like this one!  He looks like he's panted on a mat of blue sky making stand out more clearly but in his pose theirs a quality of peace of serenity in time and decision making ahead that I can't quit put a finger on for words. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do and find your own special moments behind your camera lenses to keep as well.