Monthly Archives: August 2015

A Song Sparrow that was singing along the river bank in down town Binghamton on March 27th. I hope you don't mind that I'm starting to use a little bit older shoots this year of all my birds and digging a little deeper into the photo archives for shoots of them. The opportunity to get decent bird images have not really presented it's selves in the same way that it did last year or in the numbers of types of birds as well. Ever resilient,  I'm still plugging on and hopeful on every next adventure with my camera in hand. I'll keep you posted with new finds when they come up. Mean time I hope you enjoy more landscape, flowers and insect shoots that seam to be more plentiful.

A native Honey Bee that was working on this wild flower along the Susquehanna River out side of Johnson City. Image is from this past weekend of August 23rd. I'm finding more bugs this year then birds.

A June 20th sunset over the St. Laurence Seaway at Kring Point SP. I'm looking forwards to going up there the weekend after next for a little bit of everything. I'll be at a different park though, Kring Point is all booked up!

I believe that this is a lily plant of some sort. It is something that we purchased a couple years ago and is finally doing well in the back yard. One of the more colorful flower that grows out back and one of the strongest fragrances two. It's is simply just lovely to have!

A Cecropia Moth That I found out side my place of work why'll I was doing a build check on a rainy May 19th. I brought him home to show my boys and let him go in the house to get this top image. Then I released him in the morning and got the second images just before I let him go. He is one of the largest moths we have in our area but rather hard to find. I have only seen them come out at night and have only seen a hand full of them through out my life. Insect 007