Monthly Archives: February 2015

A Male Mallard Duck walking on the frozen Chenango River In Binghamton NY yesterday. This past week has bean good for me, I've finally gone outside and done some birding for once this year. This Mallard Duck shoot is one of the first that I have taken in about two or three months of any bird. Start with the essay one and I guess to work back into it again. I have not found the time to go out up until now recently. Hopefully I'll have better things to come.

A late sunset image taken in Johnson City NY looking over the Susquehanna River on February 17th of this year. The image show one of the few open areas of water along the river up hear. The river stretches from the near tree line to the far.

These are some images of a Canada Goose that I took shoots of why'll he was bathing himself in the icy waters of the Susquehanna River last year about this time. I just thought that it was neat to watch the way the water just rolled off his back as he was bobbing up and down in the water. Surprisingly, there are no geese hear this year, they have all move on back in December. Usually we have a resident population that is hear all year long. Everything has pretty much frozen over hear and they have probably gone to more open areas south of use. We have had quit a persistent cold spell hear for some time now. Still thinking of spring and all the great gifts that it brings. Canada Geese 016Canada Geese 017Canada Geese 019XCanada Geese 020Canada Geese 021Canada Geese 022Canada Geese 025Canada Geese 026Canada Geese 027 Hope you enjoyed them, have a great day.

A image I took this past weekend in Johnson City, NY behind the Home Depot by the flood wall. I liked the way this loan tree stud out in the back of the building looking in the direction of the sunset. It had some nice blue colorations in this shoot and looks peaceful,  calm and inviting though it was about -6 degrees, windy and very cold feeling that day.

A Male Bobolink that was in the back field at the farm. These lovely birds come in to my area about early to mid May to raising their chicks  in the thick grass from ground nesting through out the fields at the farm. I can usually see quit a few of them until mid to late July when they seem to just go away. I've had difficulty trying to get close to them in the past because of the openness of the areas they prefer. I'm still waiting on a really good shoot of one. Maybe this summer perhaps it will come to me.