My best of 2013

Gulls in NYC warming them selves on the top of a tour boat. My sister-in-law told me that I would not find too many birds other then pigeon in the city. I saw Robins, House Sparrows, Starlings, crows and these Gulls, besides her pigpens. You just have to open your eye to see things.

flowers338 A Dahlia Flower from  a plant I grew in our back yard.  I cannot remember if I watered this plant before or I took this image after it rained. It does not appear that the surrounding vegetation has water droplets on it though. flowers181 An image of Maria modeling  another Dahlia flower from our back yard.

Thistle Flower head, I let it grow in a few areas up to the farm. In early Fall and into mid winter the birds that remain here seem to like feeding on its seeds .It has a lovely puffy purple flower that the bees enjoy in the summer. This plant kind of reminds me of the Burdocks plant that grows here to.