35 Two images of butterflies that I have taken in the past. A little bit different type of shot from my usual style of taking pictures. The upper image is from last year of a Tiger Swallowtail flying over a local creek bell. The bottom one is from two years ago at the family farm is of a Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly. Butterfly 115115

38 A Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly enjoying one of the Henry's Lily flower blossoms from the back yard last year. The encounter gave me about 6 or 7 really good shots to use here on the blog. I am so much looking forwards to the return of both the lily and the butterfly that came and visited it this coming year. Yesterday was the first day since last October that I got out with my camera for nature shots. It was nice to shoot some ducks and Mergansers on the Chenango River along with a small Red Fox that was going up and down the bank looking for mice or molls. The camera is still giving me trouble with image quality after taking that plunge in the Susquehanna River last summer. The image have a lot of background noise in them. I've tried different ISO setting and exposure times to try and compensate but in the end results nothing seems to help. The main sensor just may be gone in it. So no new images as of yet that I'm willing to share with you all at this moment, Sorry. I'm still trying to work on it as time and ideas come. Thank you for your continued support and comments, MT :)