Daily Archives: December 10, 2013

The USS Intrepid: Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City on the Hudson River side of Manhattan. This is one of our closing images from the Intrepid as we were leveeing after an six hour stay just before 5pm. I caught this New York Water Taxi coming in from the Jersey side of the river and shortly after this images was taken the taxi docked. I was definitely a very cold day for this adventure and we did enjoy it. It was a little pricey and we did not see the Space Shuttle on this trip. We will have to save it for another time. I will share more images as I go through them latter on but I thought that this one was a good one to show first. I'm still trying to catch up on my reader since this past Saturday. I'm falling behind on comment and new followers as well, Sorry. I'm hoping to see the end of the finish line soon. See you-all and your works hopefully very soon, Michael.