Daily Archives: December 7, 2013

An image I took at Newark Airport back in October that was from our return trip from Ojai, California. I almost forgot about this image and I fond it while working on my last post. I remember waiting for the L-Train to get over the United jet liner as the sun was coming up. It was such a nice, beautiful morning as we waited for our Wilkes-Barre connecting flight. That connecting flight wasn't so enjoyable! We had heavy turbulence most of the way to Wilkes-Barre that got so rough towards the end that the stewardess stayed in her seat for the 15 minutes before our descent. We missed our first landing attempt and had to go around again, But I'm told that that happens every now and then at that airport because of the length of the runway and the approach vectors on descent.

The Manhattan sky line of New York City seen from Newark Airport. Tomorrow I'll be traveling down to the city with my oldest son Michael-C and Maria. Maria is attending a seminar in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. While she's participating in her event, Me and Michael will be meeting up with one of his close friends that now travels around the country with his family as his father works on cell phone towers nationwide. Gabe and his family are in the NYC area for a few weeks so it is a good opportunity for MC and Gabe to catch up. We are also meeting up with my sister-in-law Bianca. She is Maria's brother's wife. As a group we plan on going to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in the West Village area. I believe that the USS Intrepid is a World war 2 era aircraft carrier that is moored on the Hudson River Side of Lower Manhattan. I've been wanting to go there for years. Well, I hope to bring back some  images tomorrow. After that we hope to go to Battery Park and the East River Park to see the sights and all. If there is time left before we retrieve Maria, Me and Michael-C might venture over to Jamaica Bay Gateway N.R.A. After picking Maria up she hopes to see China town for a little bit before we return for home, About 4 hours by car from here. I'll make a couple of quick posts before I leave tomorrow and probably miss all of the NFL games on as well that I enjoy watching on Sundays. Anyway, hope to catch up with you all very late Sunday night or on Monday. Happy Blogging