Daily Archives: December 15, 2013

This is a guest post by Maria, my wife. I hope you enjoy it as much as me. I asked the geranium "Is it painful when your buds open up? Does it hurt for the green to be split up? Does it hurt when the red pushes out? Or is it pleasant when your buds open up When the warmth of the room caresses your buds Like a hand would caress a breast's bump?" "It is both", she replied, "it is both". Maria

An Immature American Robin in our garden this past year. It was a beautiful day as I remember, not like today's conditions, very cold with plenty of snow. I decided to camp out in our house and watch NFL football today. I'm watching Seattle killing the New York Giants now, and watching for updates of my team, the 49ers.

This is an image I took while traveling on a fishing trip to Rochester NY, of a wind farm. You go another two or three miles down I-390 from here you will pass through the small community of Dansville, New York. This was the closest I came to capturing the fall colors with the wind mills in the background this year. Usually when I passed through here this year it was either raining and overcast, or pitch black or night. When you can see this area, you'll see beautiful rolling hills with a lot of farmlands, fields and pastures.