Daily Archives: December 18, 2013

A Chipmunk from the Little Chocnut site 2 area. I always hear them on my hikes on the surrounding trails but seldom do I see them. They hide most of the time and make their chucking sound from a covered position. Having the dog park there is probably the reason for their skittish behavior. A lot of dog owner walk their dogs on the trail witch is perfectly fine for me but I think they chase the wildlife a lot and make them very skittish. Up to the farm that is about 5 miles away the Little Chocnut site we have chipmunks too, but in smaller numbers.  A couple of years ago we had them eating peanuts at our feet and out of our hands in the back woods where we made a camp site. We have not spent much time up there camping recently though. I need to do some work up there to make the site usable again. But the chipmunks were fun up there, because they are not playing as much hide-and-seek.