Daily Archives: November 11, 2016

10 A sky reflection shot onto the water. This is another image from Stillwater Lake in the New York Adirondacks that I took on August 7th of this year. I remember that this particular morning was so peaceful and beautiful to embrace, "it was just breath taking".

10 First of all I would like to give thanks to all of the men that served in there countries military in times of need. War is hell and both sides of a conflict can testify to that. Thank you one and all for your sacrifice. Today I'm sharing a group of pictures that I have taken over this past year, of military vehicles, primarily World War II vehicle that I like finding when I can. I enjoy building 1/35th scale models of  them and other vehicle of that era. It is also really neat to discover them in person full sized for myself. One of these day I will have to put together a intro blog that is a revue of building some of the kits I still have to put together. All of these pictures come from an event from Hyde Park, NY, the 25th anniversary weekend of historic military displays and  World War II encampment in late May. My three sons, my nephew and I stumbled upon this event while camping near Rhineback NY, on the Hudson River. It was very entertaining and enjoyable event to witness. Also, very informative of the era. military-older-vehicles-0011 A Willy's Jeep (basic version) and then a Willy's towing a 37mm Anti-tank gun. military-older-vehicles-0066 A Willy's set up as a scout vehicle with a 50cal and a front cutter bar. military-older-vehicles-01414 This is called a weapons' carrier and is also a Dodge 1 1/2 ton truck. In the last images here, it is towing either a M-1 Anti-tank gun (57mm gun) or a 6 pounder anti-tank gun. In the last two pictures with this vehicle, you can see my middle son, Nicholas, with the orange hat and my youngest, Daniel, in the white T-shirt talking to one of the reenactors. They loved this outing and all of the military hardware exhibited. military-older-vehicles-0077military-older-vehicles-01212military-older-vehicles-0099 Next is the deuce 1/2 ton carrier and cargo truck, the work horse of the Allied Armies in WW2. military-older-vehicles-02323military-older-vehicles-0088military-older-vehicles-01111 A Dodge 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton carrier (Power wagon). military-older-vehicles-01919 A German BKW Motorcycle. This was the only German vehicle there. It was in really nice shape as well. military-older-vehicles-01616 This gun I have no idea to what it is? military-older-vehicles-01717 And last, my favorite military vehicle that was there. The M-3 Half Track, an armoured personnel carrier. military-older-vehicles-0044military-older-vehicles-02222military-older-vehicles-0033