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A Veery, to me its similar to the wood thrush in habits and choice of habitat. A beautiful singer in its own right, it has a nice voice. I found this one at the Little Chocnut site 2 area last year. This female was in the proses incubating her clutch of 4 eggs in a small scrub tree in the northeastern corner of the watershed. After I took these images I did not return back to this site for all most three weeks. I can not remember the reason why I would pass up a good opportunity like this to get some possible parent birds feeding they're young images, O'well. I did returned to the nesting site and all, the nest was intact with no sins of damage. I think everything went OK for them. Most of the other nesting locations that I found last year were raided by squirrels and other creatures. veery 003 I had only three images of this bird that mounted to anything, these two and anther that I've already shared last year. looking forwards to finding them all over again this year. hope you continue to enjoyed my visual outings.