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This is one of those neat images that I came away with this past summer up in the Thousand Island Region of New York State. These two boats look like they were heading right at each other but in fact they were in no real danger of hitting each other. They did pass close enough for the little sale boat to have some good chop to go through, ruff water. The large boat was a thing of beauty and probably had one hell of a pries tag connected to it. That's the same one on the bottom as well. \Boats 02

A sunset from August 27th from Wellesley Island State Park in the Alexandria Bay area of the St. Lawrence Seaway. This was one of the first images of the start of our vacation in and around the surrounding area there. In the image, to the right is my middle son Nicholas and to the left is his cousin Patrick who often accompanies us on longer trips with the boys. This day was the start to a great week and a half away from home and everything. I found a couple new birds to me to photograph and lovely sunsets as well along with a wonderful family experience. I wish it never ended! The next image is of the same sunset but we were out in our kayaks catching the last few rays of sun light. This image has Patrick in it as well and my oldest MC or Michael-Cornelius in it. Kayaking 018 Now I'm back home and getting re-acclimated to my work schedule all over again along with some other things as well. It's amazing how easy we can get familiar with things we enjoy doing with the absence of a fixed schedule. Well,  it was nice while it lasted and I have a few images to share of my outings with you in some upcoming posts.  Until I catch up with you I hope you enjoy these :)

A June 20th sunset over the St. Laurence Seaway at Kring Point SP. I'm looking forwards to going up there the weekend after next for a little bit of everything. I'll be at a different park though, Kring Point is all booked up!

This shoot was an end to a nice day of a little bit of everything. The image is from Kring Point State Park at our camp site on the St. Laurence Seaway. The kayak is mine set up for fishing from the previous outing on the river. As the sun was going down I thought that it made a neat picture so I took a few shoots.