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I've bean at this for seven years now taking pictures of the birds and I'm still getting a new one every now and then. Today's new bird is a Fox Sparrow. It was hanging around the bird feeders at the  family farm two weekends ago. I don't see them to much around here. A little bit bigger than the frequently seen House Sparrow and more brownish and white in color. It was nice to see one of the larger sparrows for once, if not something different to say.

6 A Song Sparrow that has bean hanging around in the back yard the last couple of days. Starting to see some of the migrants coming through the last week or so. Today, I saw this Song Sparrow, An Eastern Phoebe, American Robins and a House Finch. I Also solved my camera issue, I replaced it with another Cannon 70D body I got on Ebay. Getting the shots that I like now

16 A Song Sparrow that was singing along the rivers edge. This image was taken March of 2015 in Binghamton along the Susquehanna River by the Rook Bottom Dam. You can still see the white bleary stuff on the far bank.  We had some of that flaky stuff today for a little bit but it did not stick to the ground.