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1 This shot is acutely slightly before the sun went down, about an hour I  think. I did not stick around for the full sunset. Had places to be unfortunately. I took this shot yesterday on State Hospital Hill on Binghamton's East side. I thought that it was interesting and I loved the blue sky with the white snow carpet underneath it in this picture. Enjoy and have a great night or morning, MT :)  

The last two days we have bean getting hit really good with a major storm system in Central New York State. We have gotten 30 plus inches over the last two days and we broke a snow fall record in a 24 hour period of time. I wanted to add a few more images but I'm having issues downloading them to the blog. Getting HTTP error code. The pictures are not coming from my normal art file, but from another folder and the images are larger. The picture I'm posting is of my truck that has a lift kit on it and sits quite high. My shoulders come as high as the front grill on the truck when I stand next to it. The snow on top of the truck was 28 inches deep. We have not had snow like this since early 2000 or so. The only disappointing thing to me about this event is that last week I was taking pictures of my spring flowers coming up. I'd rather have them then the snow. Anyway, hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are :)

6 A Mourning Dove that was picking through the snow for bird seed beneath my feeders at the house. This picture is from today and the ground is completely covered now here at the house with about 3 inches of snow. The farm property has over a foot at this point now. We are down in the valley at the house and the farm is on top of the hill basically, maybe a difference of a couple hundred feet.

The last bit of winter hit us the last couple of days here in Binghamton. We have not  hardly had any snow at all this winter long and now it comes in the first few days of April. Every place else this winter has gotten it around us and further to the south especially, they have been hit harder all along. I took these pictures of Maria's flowers in the yard with some snow on them yesterday. Maria is not so happy about the snow on them at all. She thinks it might kill them or something. We've been looking so forward to their arrival, it would be a shame to lose them all now. Flower 020Flower 021

A snow cover field that was at the family farm last early spring. My self, I have not been out sense late November for any type picture taking. I have got to change that soon hopefully. "And your very flesh shall be a great poem" - Walt Whitman

A Winter seen from my neighborhood last month with all of the snow we got from one of the storm systems that when through. It's almost all gone now, the rain that we got in the middle of the week has taken most of it all away. Still dealing with sporadic cold weather with the occasional snow flurries like today in Binghamton. I just wonted to share this images with you all today because I love the lighting in this particular image, hope you enjoy it :)

Another round of snow last night here. It was supposed too miss us here for the most part and stay east of us. It didn't stay away! The 2 to 4 inches that they were calling for turned in to 8 to 10 inches. The volume of the snow was not the problem, it was the type of wet and heavy snow that was. It mad the road conditions very horrible yesterday, the worst I've seen it all winter long here. Two day in a row that I've had to report to work early to help with snow removal, I'd rather stay home instead of going! I'll have to say though, it has been beautiful this year with the snow sticking around for a while. Its usial quit brown with patches of white every now and then. Well, enjoy your day and take care, Michael :)