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These are some images of Osprey's that I took last year in The Alexandria Bay area of New York State, a small part of the Thousand Islands or St. Laurence Seaway area. We do not have that many of these magnificent birds in our area of the woods hear so I travel Up-State for almost all the Osprey images I get. This weekend will be one of my excursion to this area again to have some fun kayaking with my boys, camping, fishing and I guess all sorts of water sports. In-between that I hope to find the time to get some pictures of the area and of the wild life as well. I'm hoping to find both Ospreys and Loons on my adventure and maybe come up with something new if I find it. We usually cover some good ground when we are up in this there of the State. We like both Keewaydin SP and Wellesley Island SP for points to operate out of and camp along with some other points of interest like Butterfield Lake and Millsite Lake. There are a lot of parks in this area that I have not visited yet but I may do a couple new ones on this trip. I personally enjoy most of the Thousand Islands Area of New York State and I wave seen it from both the U.S. and the Canada sides. On the Canada side, Long Sue SP is worth mentioning. It is a very beautiful place to visit and definitely different. A series of Islands connected by a signal road way. Nice accommodations and access to the seaway all over the place. I took part in a carp tournament up there a couple of years ago but did not do well. Anyway, I maybe out of touch for a time. Not totally sure though, we will see. Osprey 045Osprey 024Osprey 034