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These are some Anna's Hummingbird pictures that I took back in October of 2013 on a Ojai California vacation trip with the family. We don't have these beautiful little hummingbirds on the east coast unfortunately. I would love to go back out there some day in the future. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures :) anna's hummingbird 055anna's hummingbird 076anna's hummingbird 086

A picture that I took on a Ojai, California vacation trip a few years ago. I know that the bee is a bumble bee of some sort but I've never seen a black one before taking this trip. It was about the same size as the ones we have here in New York State but the wings were a little smaller. The yellow and black ones that we have, have wings about the same size as there hole bodies . It still made for a nice image perched on this purplish flowers gathering nectar.

While we were in the Ojai Valley area it rained once! It was a quick rain that lasted maybe 15 to 20 minutes and before you know it, things were dry in the same amount of time. I just had enough time to get to the hiking trail that I and my oldest son enjoyed so much from the Casa Ojai  Inn to capture the fading rainbow over the eastern mountains.

A Western Scrub Jay from the Ojai Valley area California. This was likely the most numerous bird that I saw while in Ojai. Similar to the Blue Jay in New York State with the exception of missing the white on its wings and having his black mask on his head.