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These are some Anna's Hummingbird pictures that I took back in October of 2013 on a Ojai California vacation trip with the family. We don't have these beautiful little hummingbirds on the east coast unfortunately. I would love to go back out there some day in the future. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures :) anna's hummingbird 055anna's hummingbird 076anna's hummingbird 086

A picture that I took on a Ojai, California vacation trip a few years ago. I know that the bee is a bumble bee of some sort but I've never seen a black one before taking this trip. It was about the same size as the ones we have here in New York State but the wings were a little smaller. The yellow and black ones that we have, have wings about the same size as there hole bodies . It still made for a nice image perched on this purplish flowers gathering nectar.