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Last nights sunset in the Town of Maine, Broome County, New York. One of my favorite places to go looking for some good sunset images form time to time on upper East Main road just north of Johnson City.

Today, We went for a ride up the west side of Cayuga Lake and down the east side. One of our stops was at Taughannock Falls State Park, one of my favorite places to stop at that's just out side and north of the Ithaca New York . It was cloudy with some glimpse of sun on the way up to Montezuma Wildlife Refuge, the end destination for us. It was not a bad outing but I was having some trouble with the camera and focusing point. I'll have to work on that a little bit more before my next outing. For now I thought that I would show the Taughannock Falls stop and save some of the other images for another day. Hope you are enjoying your evening, MT :) Taughannock Falls  002Taughannock Falls  003Taughannock Falls  005Taughannock Falls  006

Some images I took on our family trip to Taughannock Falls this past June. Hope you enjoy them. The first three images are of the main fall seen from the North Side trail that overlooks the gorge area. The fall it's self I'm told is taller the Niagara Falls in Buffalo to my understanding. Taughannock Falls are just north of Ithaca NY on Cayuga Lake.   Taughannock Falls 12 Taughannock Falls 13 This image is of the upper gorge area above the main falls. Taughannock Falls 18 An image of the lower gorge seen from the South Trail. Taughannock Falls 19 North side lower gorge. Taughannock Falls 08 Some of the rock hand made trails you see on both sides of the gorge trail. This is one of several stair cases that give you a good work out. Taughannock Falls 20 A view looking towards Cayuga lake. Taughannock Falls 11 The lover Fall at the bottom of the gorge. Taughannock Falls 23 The marina in the lower park. It has a nice little boat launch area the leads into Cayuga Lake Taughannock Falls 01 A small part of Cayuga Lake in the last two images. Taughannock Falls 02 Taughannock Falls 03    

Last week when I went for my walk I went to a place that I have not been in some time. Last year I spent a lot of time here taking images of the Pileated Woodpeckers, Scarlet Tanagers and a host of other birds. This day felt new to my. The ground had a fresh layer of new snow on it that was like a new adventure for  me, like an unspooled wilderness to explore. I loved it!  On this adventure I only saw a hand full of Chickadees, two Downey Woodpeckers and a Male Red-belled Woodpecker that I'll share on my next post. The top image is were I found the male Scarlet Tanager off to the left as you go down the old logging trial. I only saw the male this past year. The bottom image is were I found the Pileated Woodpecker. Both images are from the Binghamton area of New York State. snow 13