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Some wild flower I think that I stumbled across back in August at the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. They were all over the place, especially around the water edges. It's a Beautiful hand size light pink flower. I love this upper image of it and if anyone knows what it is, please leave a comment.


A sculpture of two Great Blue heron working on there nest site during breeding season. The sculpture is at the visitors center on the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge near Seneca Falls NY. I thought it was kind-a neat.

This image is of the frozen marsh lands of the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge near Seneca Falls NY this past April 2nd. We went up that day to see if we could find some of the migrants up there and it looked like a nice day at home in Binghamton. I remember traveling through a storm half way up from Binghamton that day going to the refuge to look for birds and having it dissipate once we got there. Things at this time in Binghamton were melting and opening up but Montezuma was still frozen over and no birds to see. (Landscape image #16 of this year)