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22 A Canada Goose taking off from the upper marsh area at the Whitney Point Reservoir in Whitney Point NY. I like catching these large birds with there wing at full extended in the motion of taking-off and landing with there feet out. I'm more par-shill to the top picture for that opened up look the Goose has. geese-canada-02323

Some shots of a Canada Goose that thought I was to close too him in my kayak in the back waters of the Whitney Point Reservoir last weekend. I love trying to capture these big birds landing and taking off. I was really pleased with the last shot in this sequence. Geese, Canada 032Geese, Canada 033

A Canada Goose standing tail and keeping any eye on me in the back field at the farm on April 25th. His or her mate mast have been sitting on a nest at this time and this one was out to feed for the moment. The grass was just starting to come through last years leftovers.