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"Wave Watchers" These three boys are my sons, Michael-Cornelius, Nicholas and Daniel. They were having fun playing tag with the oncoming waves. We don't get to see the ocean much on our side of the country so it's a like a new thing when we visited State Beach in Ventura, California. They had so much fun when we visited this site twice on our stay. In there game of tag, the waves usually won. boys 03 Michael-Cornelius boys 04 Nicholas and Daniel.

While we were in the Ojai Valley area it rained once! It was a quick rain that lasted maybe 15 to 20 minutes and before you know it, things were dry in the same amount of time. I just had enough time to get to the hiking trail that I and my oldest son enjoyed so much from the Casa Ojai  Inn to capture the fading rainbow over the eastern mountains.