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A sculpture of two Great Blue heron working on there nest site during breeding season. The sculpture is at the visitors center on the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge near Seneca Falls NY. I thought it was kind-a neat.


Two Wood Ducks I found swimming in the little Choconut Creek at the water shed on site 2 area. The ducks were definitely camera shy and stayed away from me. The little Choconut Creek has four watersheds on it that help protect Johnson City and Binghamton from flooding. Site 2 is the most popular one of the sheds for nature buffs to hike and fish. It also has a dedicated Dog Park area as well. At one time in the distant past the area was my family’s Farm property. The farm was called Pine Grove. I do believe it was one of the largest and one of many that supported the Pine Grove dairy industry around here at that time. The barn burned down in the winter of 1976 and a small Baptist Church sits where it used to be. It brings back a lot of fond memories of me haying the fields, driving the tractors, running the equipment  and just growing up around the farm.