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40 An America Bald Eagle that I found along the banks of the Susquehanna River back in August of 2016. I have not gotten close enough to one this year to get any usable shots.

51 An American Bald Eagle I found trying to stay cool and keep in to the shad this summer in Apalachin NY. He was half way up in a good sided tall tree along the Susquehanna River bank.  I was kayaking at the time and heading down stream towards Owego NY.

A Juvenile Bald Eagle that I saw in Vestal while kayaking on the Susquehanna River being pestered by a Red-winged Blackbird last month. The little blackbird kept diving¬† and pestering the eagle until it finally besides to moved on up the river. Bald Eagle 029Bald Eagle 030 Images 32, 29 & 30.  

This past weekend as usual, I was kayaking on the Susquehanna River in Vestal when I observed this Red-tail Hawk diving on a juvenile Bald Eagle in a tree that was high on the bank of the river several times. I only captured the last few moments of this confrontation before it stopped unfortunately and it was at quite a distance from me while it was going on. The Red-tail Hawk eventually moved on only to be pestered by Crows himself. I'll have some of those pictures later on this week, enjoy :) Bald Eagle 008Bald Eagle 009