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These are some Anna's Hummingbird pictures that I took back in October of 2013 on a Ojai California vacation trip with the family. We don't have these beautiful little hummingbirds on the east coast unfortunately. I would love to go back out there some day in the future. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures :) anna's hummingbird 055anna's hummingbird 076anna's hummingbird 086

An Anna's hummingbird perched on a small branch, these are two images I dug up from last October trip to California. To day on a personal not, I saw my first Ruby-throated Hummingbird of this year and a female Scarlet Tanager in my back yard. I managed to some images of the Tanager but not the Hummer, sorry. Starting to see a lot of bird traffic here now. I'm getting excited thinking about the possibilities for this summer. anna's hummingbird 058