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Image #9, A sun rise shot I took August 5th somewhere in the NY Adirondacks. "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson sunrise-008 Image #8.

A male Ruby-crowned Kinglet that was in my back yard yesterday. I was pretty much entertained all day with this little one visits in to my back yard as I was catching up on my yard work. He would announce him self every time he visited with a little warble sound saying to me, "I'm Here, Come Find Me". He did this 8 or 9 times through out the day. It was very enjoyable trying to capture him and listen to his songs in what will probably just be a short week or two visit as they are passing through. The first image of him is by far one of the best images I've ever taken of any bird recently, I'm really quit happy with this one. I will share more in days to come, enjoy and take care :) Ruby-crowned Kinglet 036

A Downy Woodpecker that was at the farm last week on one of my hikes. I like this image of him looking up from his perch on the branch. I'll have to admit that it was not the image I perceived that I had taken through the view finder this day that I ended up with. This picture was one of those moments weir when I was going back through the images that I had taken and was categorize them for placement in my folder and went WOW, it was not what I was expecting from my self. So, I like this one!  He looks like he's panted on a mat of blue sky making stand out more clearly but in his pose theirs a quality of peace of serenity in time and decision making ahead that I can't quit put a finger on for words. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do and find your own special moments behind your camera lenses to keep as well.

Today's walk turned out to be a good day for my camera and I. We captured a lot of images of birds that I do not have around my house. I went up to some family farm property and captured several birds like these 2, a male purple finch on the top and a male Eastern Bluebird on the bottom picking seeds from the tree clusters pictured. I'll share the rest of them later on.

pileated53     pileated55     pileated52 pileated56     pileated48     pileated42 pileated51 This is the conclusion of my February tenth outing with the  pileated Woodpecker. These last shots took around 30 minutes for me to work my way within 5 meters of him. It was an enjoyable hunt for me with my prize being the top image, that is my favorite one.